What is it?

Scar Food is an all-natural line of products designed to synergistically provide your scars and skin issues with the necessary nutrients to promote rapid repair and healthy healing.

Scar Food has helped thousands of people reduce the physiological effects as well as aesthetic barriers that scars can have on both the mind and the body.

How Was it Developed?

Founder of Scar Food Linda Dunn-Carter LE, CPCP, PMA, (Expert in Scar Revision Therapy) developed Scar Food out of pure necessity for her patients’ to achieve maximum results quickly. With the lack of products on the market and a one-stop shopping experience, Linda has finally created an effective home care system for scars.

Linda, creator of The DC Method and world renowned for her success in non surgical scar revision therapy has more than 13 years of experience performing series of case specific protocols with powerful results that are now amplified with her own creation Scar Food. 

Why is it So Effective?

Scar Food, with its unique systematic approach, is highly effective in maintaining soft tissue, pliability, reducing inflammation at the onset, smoother texture, preventing dead skin build up while strengthening new tissue allowing new scars to shrink and diminish over time.

Proper scar management is paramount post surgery and Scar Food plays a direct role in the progression of a new scar to promote rapid healing, with a healthier recovery time and without the interference of poor healing.

"You are "top of the line" the best!"

Carmen | Miami, FL

"Omg Linda, Is it just me or are the stretch marks actually shrinking even after just
1 session?!? They look smaller!!"

Aysha | Toronto

"Wow. This scar is completely transforming. Especially today 4 days in after my second visit with you. Just Wow!"

Whitney | NYC