Scar Soothe (Soothe, Tone & Tighten Skin)

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I have been using this for about a week and already see the difference on my scar

One of my faves

I love this product. I bought the travel kit so I could have the baby bottles of this and the scar butter to keep in my purse. The scar soothe felt so good after my scar revision because it has peppermint in it and it gave a cooling sensation when my scars felt like they were burning! My mom also used this after she was burned with grease and it gave the same cooling effect. It was quite the relief.

DMAE Gel with Aloe Vera helps soothe, Tone and Tighten new scars.

Make Scar Soothe a permanent part of your beauty first aid kit! It is impeccable for post micro-needling, sunburn care, kitchen burns, accidentals, and of course for post-surgery scar care and pre-surgery skin preparation. This formula is so cool, calming, and soothing it will leave your skin feeling like it's experienced a true skin-cation.  

4.0 oz


Organic aloe leaf juice, vegan DMAE, vitamin B5, vegetable glycerin, PEPPERMINT ESSENTIAL OIL (Organic Content 89%)

This product is vegan.


USE a dime to quarter size depending on the area and apply thin layer 2-3 TIMES DAILY. Avoid using around the eyes.

*Use product within 6 months of opening and use clean hands if scooping product out with fingers.