Scar Kit (Complete Scar Prevention & Repair Kit)

Our Scar Kit is your grab-and-go complete solution for old and new scar repair. This kit is perfect for pre-surgery skin preparation, post-surgery wound care, stretch marks, acne scars, cuts, and burns, to proactively prevent poor healing, speed up the wound healing process, and minimize scar formation and the appearance of scars. 

Why so many different products? Each product serves its own purpose and plays its own role in the healing process and is imperative for maximum scar prevention and repair. 

***Not all items in the product image are included. Please see the exact inventory below. 

Your Scar Scram Kit Includes:

  • 1 X Scar Butter
  • 1 X Scar Cells
  • 1 X Scar Cleanse
  • 1 X Scar Correct 
  • 1 X Scar Gems
  • 1 X Scar Infuser
  • 1 X Scar Soothe
  • 1 X Scar Tonic
  • 1 X Scar Magic
  • 2 X Scar Compress

*Use product within 6 months of opening and use clean hands if scooping product out with fingers. 

Scar Butter

Scar Butter has become an international top seller for its potent all-natural ingredients and its profound results. Proven effective on Stretch Marks, Surgical Scars, C-Section Scars, Burns, Cuts, Tattoos, Acne Scars, wrinkles, and more, Scar Butter is a true Scar Superfood. 100% Unrefined Shea Butter VIT A, E, F, and KEY essential oils for rapid scar repair.

Scar Cells

Our Scar Cells, derived from the stem cells of apples, effectively renew the epidermal skin cells of scars faster. The extract combats potential poor healing, giving scars an excellent chance to heal with much-needed nutrients post-surgery or injury. Acne scarring andhyperpigmentation marks can be largely eliminated by increasing the individual's own stem cells through an extract like Scar Cells.

Scar Cleanse

100% Raw African Black Soap paired with organic essential oils for optimum scar regeneration.

Scar Correct

Super scar Trio: Hyaluronic Acid, Collagen, and VIT C for ultimate scar regeneration.

Scar Gems

VIT E and Royal Jelly. Royal Jelly speeds up the process of wound healing significantly increasing the movement of fibroblasts to a wound. Fibroblasts are a type of cell that coordinates the process of wound healing.

Scar Infuser

The Scar Infuser is a titanium Needle Derma Roller needle size .05 designed for optimal infusion of Scar Food products.

Use the Scar Infuser to create tiny channels within your skin to allow any serum, cream, or product to absorb deeper, in order to maximize the impact of the serum, cream, or product. Simultaneously, encourage and stimulate collagen production for new skin development for brighter, smoother, tighter, and more youthful radiant skin! Reveal your best skin yet with the Scar Infuser!

Scar Soothe

DMAE Gel with Aloe Vera helps soothe, Tone, and Tighten new scars.

Make Scar Soothe a permanent part of your beauty first aid kit! It is impeccable for post-micro-needling, sunburn care, kitchen burns, accidentals, and of course for post-surgery scar care and pre-surgery skin preparation. This formula is so cool, calming, and soothing it will leave your skin feeling like it's experienced a true skin-cation.  

Scar Tonic

You tone your face prior to applying skincare products, don't you? How about your scars and stretch marks?

Scar Tonic is a must-have for scars. Our VIT C Toner with Organic Citric blends to promote a healthy pH balance for scars and is the perfect prep for other Scar Food products.

Scar Magic

Unrefined Cold Pressed Tamanu Oil helps promote rapid tissue repair in new scars. With its excellent ability to absorb and unique nutty aroma, Tamanu seed oil has significant antimicrobial and antibacterial qualities.

Scar Compress

Post-surgery compress for reduced inflammation.