Scar Scram Kit Instructions

Use Scar Scram products in the following order:

1. Scar Cleanse

1) Wet skin/scar. Slightly advance the soap in tube and run under water. 

2) Rub onto the skin/scar and leave on for 1-2 minutes.

3) Rinse. (For sensitive skin, remove after 15-30 seconds). 

4) Shake residual water off and put the lid back on. 

 *Use product within 12 months of opening. 

2. Scar Compress

Use 3-5 times per day immediately after post op for 5-7 days. Always apply over a cloth barrier and never put directly on skin. For larger areas please order additional compresses. 

3. Scar Tonic

Use after cleansing skin. Apply to cotton ball and rub over the area of concern.

4. Scar Correct

Apply serum to the scar(s) twice a day by wetting skin or put a small amount on palm of hand and mix with 2 drops of water. Our serum is VERY concentrated and adding a few drops of water will allow it to penetrate deeper. Putting on skin without water can cause irritation and burning sensation. For maximum results use our Scar Infuser to penetrate serums deeper.

5. Scar Cells

Apply 1-2 droplets depending on size of area and massage gently with clean fingers to help penetrate the product deeper. 

6. Scar Soothe

Use a dime to quarter size depending on the area and apply thin layer 2-3 TIMES DAILY. Avoid using around the eyes.

7. Scar Magic PM ONLY 

Shake well. Apply 1-3 drops depending on the size of the area, massage gently over the area for 30 seconds daily.

8. Scar Gems PM ONLY 

Twist or cut off the top of gem and squeeze to apply on scars once a day in the evening. Be cautious around eye area.

9. Scar Butter

Scoop out a small amount and rub in palm of hands to soften. Apply on scars or future areas of treatment 2-4 times a day.