Scar Cells

Our Scar Cells, derived from the stem cells of apples, effectively renew the epidermal skin cells of scars faster. The extract combats potential poor healing, giving scars an excellent chance to heal with much-needed nutrients post-surgery or injury. Acne  scarring and hyperpigmentation marks can be largely eliminated by increasing the individual's ownstem  cells through an extract like Scar Cells.

The stem cells of the famous Uttwiler Spatlauber trees of Switzerland have been scientifically proven to trigger the epidermal cells of the skin to begin self-renewing at a pace similar to that of early youth. Post-surgical and new scars will especially benefit as the stem cells will play a powerful role in transforming the new tissue into healthy skin. 

Our Scar Cells formula, unlike many of the formulas, is pure, natural, and without preservatives. It is one of the most potent extracts of the coveted apple stem cells, and it has been combined with other natural and effective compounds to create truly optimal results.


Apply 1-2 droplets depending on size of area and massage gently with clean fingers to help penetrate the product. 

 *Use product within 6 months of opening.