Scar Correct (Best for Scar Tissue Renewal)

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Really works

I used this before my scar revision and I am still using it even two months out. I notice that my skin never got as bruised as normal and that the healing time was quicker. I like that this has no smell and a little bit goes a loooong way.

Amazing product

The scar correct product literally lightened my dark hyper-pigmented scar and it’s like it renewed the skin the texture is completely renewed and this stuff really is magic in a bottle. The scar butter, correct, soothe, and the magic are essential for correct scar repair I wish I could rate this stuff a 10. This line of scar products changed my life. Honestly from smaller wounds such as small burns, to large surgical scars, or traumatic wounds there is nothing that even comes close to these products. Everyone should have it at home.

Anne Gueta
Amazing Scar Repair

I fell down and had a severe laceration on my knee. I started using this twice a day and the knee healed within two weeks. I also added in Scar Magic Scar Soothe and Scar Butter. If you have scars you need this product. You can thank me later.

Superscar Trio: Hyaluronic Acid, Collagen and VIT C for ultimate scar regeneration.

1.0 oz


Hyaluronic Acid, vegetable collagen, VIT C, Leucidal


Apply serum to the scar(s) twice a day by wetting skin or put a small amount on palm of hand and mix with 2 drops of water. Our serum is VERY concentrated and adding a few drops of water will allow it to penetrate deeper. Putting on skin without water can cause irritation and burning sensation. For maximum results use our Scar Infuser to penetrate serums deeper.

For maximum results Use our derma roller to aerate the scar area once every 2 weeks before applying SCAR CORRECT and products to follow (see directions for roller).

Topical use only do not drink or inject.

 *Use product within 6 months of opening.