Scar Butter (Essential For Rapid Scar Repair)

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This stuff is amazing

This is my second favorite product from the scar food line. It leaves your skin so moisturizer and supple! My mom suffered a grease burn and used this, the scar soothe, and the scar correct and the blisters went down and sloughed off with NO marks at all! We are very impressed.

best scar care

I had a breast lift that left me with horrible dark and raised scars . The scar butter is incredible it keeps the scar moisturized and is very essential for the scar to heal and look it’s best. The scar correct lightens the scar if it has hyper-pigmented. The scar soothe literally soothes the burning, itching, and pain that a new scar often comes with. The entire scar food line is incredible. It has made my unsightly scars heal up very nicely and as I continue to use it I see the scar looking better and better in terms of texture and how light my scar is getting. Soon it will hardly be noticeable, I am sure. Nothing else I tried even came close. If you are having surgery, just had surgery, or had any form of trauma to the skin scar food will make a huge difference in the way your scar heals. Scar Food stands out from the rest and truly heals the skin. I could not be happier with scar food. It literally changed my life.

Anne Gueta
Magic in a Jar

My mom fell down and had multiple lacerations on her legs I sent her Scar Cells plus Scar Soothe Scar Correct and Scar Butter and she healed so rapidly. Everyone should have a jar of this magical healing butter in their home for any cuts, burns, abrasions. It’s so healing and moisturizing I use it everyday everywhere

Scar Butter has become an international top seller for its potent all-natural ingredients and its profound results. Proven effective on Stretch Marks, Surgical Scars, C-Section Scars, Burns, Cuts, Tattoos, Acne Scars, wrinkles, and more, Scar Butter is a true Scar Superfood. 100% Unrefined Shea Butter VIT A, E, F, and KEY essential oils for rapid scar repair.

4.0 oz


Organic 100% Unrefined Shea Butter, Pure Frankincense oil, Carrot oil, Tea Tree oil.

Those with nut allergies should avoid or check with an allergist.


Scoop out a small amount and rub in palm of hands to soften. Apply on scars or future areas of treatment 2-4 times a day.

Scars That Can Benefit From Scar Butter: 

  • Stretch Marks 
  • Surgical Scars 
  • C-Section 
  • Burns 
  • Cuts 
  • Tattoos 
  • Acne Scars 
  • Wrinkles 

 *Use product within 6 months of opening and use clean hands if scooping product out with fingers.